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How to Decide Between Different Types of Shingle Roof Products

Available in various styles, shapes, colors, and materials, there's no shortage of options with shingles. However, faced with a variety of options, many homeowners find choosing the right shingles overwhelming. This post will let you know the criteria to consider when deciding between the different types of shingle roof products.

Local climate

If your area is prone to extreme weather and you choose a lightweight shingle, wind can tear it off, and heavy snow can add more weight to the roof and damage it. In addition, hails can damage and break shingle products that are not impact-resistance, causing leaks, water infiltration, and mold. So choosing a shingle product suitable for your local climate is crucial.

How much weight your structure can hold

Shingles come in varying weights, so you should know how much weight your home can safely support before choosing a product. If the dead load of the shingle roof is heavy for your home's structure, the structural integrity of your home is at risk.


The cost of roof shingle products varies from one manufacturer to the other. So you want to choose a product that works for you in terms of budget. Also, keep in mind that you'll have to pay for the cost of installation and labor. If the total cost exceeds your budget, you should go for a cheaper product.

Style and color

The roof is a crucial part of how your home looks. Therefore, you should consider the style and color that add to your home's curb appeal. Whether your home's style is modern or victorian, be sure to find the shingles that work well with the existing style and color.


While some warranty covers roofing materials, others offer installer workmanship or both. Some warranties are valid for a few years. On the other hand, you'll find lifetime warranties. When shingle shopping, check the warranty coverage of the shingles you are considering to ensure you choose the right one that protects your investment.

Homeowner needs

Determine your need and choose the shingle product that best suits them. Do you want roofing shingles equipped with technology that makes your home cooler in the summer and warm during the winter? You can choose an energy star-certified shingle product.

Do you plan on installing solar panels on your roof? Make sure a solar panel installation won't void the warranty. You could also buy solar roof shingles that also double as solar panels.

With these tips, you can now make a more informed decision. Select a professional roofer that works with you to choose the shingle roof product that's right for you and your home today. Request an estimate to get started.

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