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Signs of Home Foundation Issues

Early detection of foundation issues can prevent damage to your home and help you avoid costly repairs.

However, signs of foundation trouble often take on the appearance of common, harmless conditions. Doors that don't close properly could be mistaken for simple wear and tear, and you could think that little crack is nothing. Don't be so sure.

These signs often require a professional to determine whether there's a problem or not. In this post, we take a look at common signs of foundation issues.

Wall cracks

Some wall cracks are harmless. These small, fine cracks are usually caused by natural settlement.

When cracks are long and horizontal, have a zigzag pattern, become larger as time passes, or are diagonal around the door frames, there may be something wrong with your foundation.

Uneven floors

While some uneven floors indicate other issues such as poor wood quality, especially in older homes, some are signs of foundation problems.

You will usually notice a dip in the middle of the room or have boards that squeak. Spill some water on the floor to see if it flows in a direction. The direction of the flow is usually where the problem is.

Tile cracks

Cracking tiles are not always the result of incorrect installation or extreme temperatures. If you notice cracked tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of your home, there could be issues with your foundation.

Sinking or settling foundation

Is the foundation of your home sinking? That's a dead giveaway of a foundation issue. You may observe that one side of your home is lower than the other. And other times, the center of your building appears sunken.

If you notice any of these signs, it's essential to have a professional called right away to inspect and fix the issue, helping you avoid costly repairs. Ignoring the damage for long may lead to foundation failure and a host of safety issues.

Doors that stick

Doors stick in the high relative humidity of summer.

However, it could also indicate a foundation issue, especially when it happens all year round and is accompanied by other signs such as cracks.

Sticky doors could be caused by water leaking into the foundation or the shrinking and movement of the soil around the foundation. An expert can evaluate the issue and let you know the next step.

Weeds near the foundation

Weeds can thrive with minimal water.

So if you find them clustering around your home's foundation line, you should contact a professional to investigate as it's a sign that there's water pooling around that area. Weeds sprouting from the foundation indicate that there's a crack that's letting water find its way into the foundation.

Don't ignore any of these signs when you notice them. A foundation repair expert can carry out an inspection and let you know if there's an issue with your foundation. Request a free, no-obligation estimate today!

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