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Tips on Locating Leaks in Your Roof

If you've seen signs of a leak, like stains on the ceiling and walls, spots on exterior walls, or heard the sound of dripping water, you want to fix the leak as soon as possible. But fixing roof leaks is the easiest part. The hardest part? Finding the leaks. These tips will help you locate the leaks in your roof fast so you can make repairs before further damage is done.

Check the attic

After confirming their presence, head into the attic to find the leaks. Make sure to proceed carefully, so you don't put a foot through the ceiling.

Check the rafters and sheathing for moisture, water stains, damaged sheathing, mold signs, and other signs of a leaky roof.

You should also check the areas around the roof vents and chimneys. Look for damage to insulations, including stains and dampness. Also, what you think is a leaky roof may be condensation on metal pipes and exposed nails.

Can't access the attic? You have to call in an expert roofer to do the inspection.

Simulate a downpour

If you still can't find the leak, it's time to send down the rain - with a garden hose. You'll need to have a helper go up and spray the roof while you wait inside to spot the leak. Soak the roof in sections slowly to make it easier to find the leak. Inside, check for drips and puddles.

Tear up the shingles

If the leak is still elusive at this point, you need to do more investigation. In the suspected area, tear up the affected shingles. You'll find rotting wood, moisture, and other signs pointing to the leak's location.

Make roof repairs

If you're DIY-savvy, you can make simple repairs on your own, such as replacing shingles. Remove the remaining roofing cement and replace with a fresh one, place a new shingle and nail it down.

Sometimes, the leak is caused by cracked or broken seams or a torn plumbing vent boot. In such a case, replace it with a new vent boot.

Contact a roofing expert

If the damage is beyond what you can do on your own or you don't feel comfortable working on the roof, contact a roofing expert immediately.

Some professionals, like Expert Roofing, will inspect your roof for free, determine the extent of the damage, and give you a free estimate.

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